4 comments on “running on full

  1. Peace is a lofty, yet attainable goal (dont listen to the naysayers) and it comes in tiny doses at first. Probably so it wont shock your system if youve never had it. Then I think you notice one day youve tipped the scale and you feel more peaceful than not. Im glad youre on the way there, of course I have an ulcer so maybe you shouldnt listen to me.

  2. i generally try not to listen to people who have ulcers. they’re always complaining– “ow! my stomach! waah waaah!”

    but i would be a fool not to make an exception for camille lovejoy! how’s life in denver?

    it wasn’t until after i’d read your comment that i realized that i’d just ‘come out’ as homeless to the world. but i think you probably knew me well enough in high school to not be all that surprised by the news.

    you should email me. we should hang out again some time. don’t worry, i’m not one of those bums who begs for things–i’m one of those bums who doesn’t.

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