more words!

anomic [ā··mĭk] adj. :

  1. often experiencing difficulty remembering names and/or finding the right word
  2. a societal condition denoted by a widespread lack of moral standards
  3. alienated; socially disoriented; “anomic loners musing over their fate”


my name is kevin tomascik, and i am terrible with names.

much of what i plan to write here is stuff that’s been rolling around, snowballing in my head for the past 20 years–specifically the material concerning morality, politics, science, philosophy, etc.

i’ve spent a great deal of time working on my theories, but have never really shared them with anybody before–at least not with anybody who has found them interesting.

i’ve spent much too long in hiding–guarding my ideas from criticism. but i find myself suddenly eager to share, communicate, debate, connect.

i’m ready for feedback.

this blog is part of my new concerted effort to seek out people who find these things interesting–people who recognize the importance of these issues–people who are ready to have a real conversation.


2 comments on “more words!

  1. Dear Kevin
    I read bits of your writing and the one(in2009) about Shambhala .. and what dedicating the merit means for you. I’m curious, about arguing or debating one’s point. How does it feel to write all of your beliefs down for all to see. Are you hoping to be proven right? and what is a “real” conversation … is it not in context of what real means to one individual, that is, what is real to me might not be real to you or others etc.

  2. hi naz,
    thanks for commenting!
    in answer to your questions;

    writing my beliefs down for all to see feels weird! kind of uncomfortable, but kind of exhilarating–not that i’m getting tons of visitors or anything. i imagine that would feel even weirder.

    i’m not hoping to be proven right. but i am hoping not to be proven wrong. but if i can be proven wrong then i hope someone corrects my thinking as soon as possible.

    and by ‘real’ conversation, i mean a conversation about something meaningful–non-superficial. and i wanna get deep into whatever topic is at hand–and i guess since this is my blog, it’s up to me to pick the topics. which i like–but it remains to be seen whether there are many others who will like that.

    and as for the last bit you wrote; i’m pretty sure our ability to communicate at all depends upon sharing a common reality. if what’s real for me was *only* real for me–that would make me a crazy person and nobody would understand anything i was saying.

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